The FORAD simulation

FORAD is a computer-based learning experience designed to help the participants understand what it takes to manage the financial challenges of a multinational corporation.

The simulation closely replicates the real world with its risk and opportunities, unpredictability and competition - the learning experience is as powerful as years of professional experience.  

The participants have the chance to test academic concepts, experiment with ideas and examine the results from these actions in a safe environment.  The only limit is their own competitiveness and willingness to invest in themselves and their team.

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What do the participants learn?

The participants at the FORAD simulation are "corporate finance executives". Financial management knowledge is crucial for success – they obtain those skills during the competition.

Even more importantly, they are challenged to understand the big picture, assess and decide between multiple trade offs to build a sustainable corporation. They learn how to become reliable team players, effective communicators and manage time wisely.

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Who uses the FORAD simulation?

Business schools and colleges – the FORAD simulation significantly elevates the learning experience for the students as a supplement to a finance or accounting class and helps the instructors deliver the course more effectively.

Corporations – it transforms experienced professionals into the next level leaders – the ones who are experts in their specific area, but are also highly motivated to work with the rest of the organization to find strategic solutions that benefit the company as a whole.

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